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This is a Christian based, non-denominational site.

Little Lambs is a quarterly publication designed for children ages three to twelve.

View and print the current issue by clicking the following link.

Issue 127 Oct Nov Dec 2017
Issue 126 Jul Aug Sept 2017
Issue 125 Apr May Jun 2017
Issue 124 Jan Feb Mar 2017
Issue 123 Oct Nov Dec 2016
Issue 122 Jul Aug Sept 2016
Issue 121 Apr May Jun 2016
Issue 120 Jan Feb Mar 2016

CLICK HERE. To request Little Lambs be delivered to you or a friend USPS
In the subject line type requesting Little Lambs.
In the message include the name(s), address(es), and birth month and year for those who wish to receive their copy in the mail.

*Birth month is requested so your names will be listed in the Happy Birthday's in each issue, and the year is for the staff to know when to remove the names from the mailing list when you reach thriteen.

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